Africa, Kenya

My Trip with Oasis Overland

When I was teaching in South Korea, I decided that with the money I was able to save I wanted to travel Africa. As most of eastern and central Africa works in US dollars I always thought that this wasn’t really an option, but a friend recommended an overland company called Oasis Overland. I decided to do a bit of research on this company and after about five minutes I was sold! They had multiple African trips that appealed to me, they were affordable and had excellent reviews. What more could I want! I signed up to do a 53 day trip with this company called Apes and Lakes. On this tour, we will visit: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. I can’t wait!

Our route through Africa.

The way this trip works is very simple. Most nights we will be camping and group members will take turns to cook. Even though the word basic was used in most reviews, after the first couple of nights I have found nothing uncomfortable and the food delicious.

Shaun, me and Jill: my cook group. We were the first to cook for the group and it was a success. Due to limited supplies we made bangers, mash and a vegetable curry stew.

We have a team leader, Lisa and a driver, Luke. They work amazingly together and keep things working smoothly and the atmosphere relaxed. I have started this trip with 18 people. Along the trip, some people will be leaving and we will be  gaining a few more people as we go. 

The group we started with in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our truck can seat 22 people comfortably. The truck is set up in a way that everyone can store their backpack under their seat. On the outside of the truck there are compartments which keep the drinking water, cooking equipment and our tents. The tents are three man tents that are to be shared between two. These tents are a lot bigger than what I had expected. 

Home for the next 53 days.

My tent for the next seven weeks.

Some of the highlights of this trip are: seeing the Nile river, trekking with the gorillas, going to the Serengeti, snorkeling in Zanzibar, watching the sunset over lake Malawi and seeing the magnificent Victoria Falls. So let’s see what this adventure has install… First stop: Nairobi, Kenya.


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