Argentina, Brazil

My favorite place on Earth, Igauzu Falls

I was fortunate enough to visit Iguazu Falls with my family in 2005. I always had such fond memories of the Falls, I wanted to return! Luckily, I was able to this April. The Iguazu Falls are waterfalls that lie in both Brazil and Argentina and are considered to be the largest waterfall system in… Continue reading My favorite place on Earth, Igauzu Falls


Rio de Janeiro

Jess, Courtney and I were in Rio de Janerio for 4 days over Easter. It was great to be united again, as I haven't seen Jess since leaving Korea. Our activities were a great combination of exploring and relaxing on the beach with a caipirinaha in hand. The trip had a bit of a rough… Continue reading Rio de Janeiro


Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Courts and I decided to do a tour in the Amazon for two nights and three days before we left for our three month adventure. We booked with Manaus Booking, which besides not having a fan in our room, did everything they promised. This tour was pretty budget, but was perfect for what we needed.… Continue reading Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Brazil, South America

What to do in São Paulo for two days?

Brazil! We made it! Our first stop in our three month trip to South America was São Paulo, Brazil. We spent two days here, learning about architecture and street art. Before arriving in São Paulo, I had read a lot about how 'unsafe' the city was- however I was pleasantly surprised by how at ease… Continue reading What to do in São Paulo for two days?