Africa, Zimbabwe

Discovering Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was never a country very high on my list to travel too, this was a huge misconception on my behalf! We spent an amazing two weeks in Zimbabwe. Our time was filled with waterfalls and walking with animals such as lions, elephant and rhinos. The landscape was rich with a variety of trees and… Continue reading Discovering Zimbabwe


The Serengeti, Lake Victoria and Zanzibar: Tanzania Had It All…

We crossed the border from Rwanda into Tanzania. Straight away we could see the change in vegetation. The banana and eucalyptus trees were replaced by a savanna landscape and the roads went back to having a lot of potholes. Tanzania is well known for its wilderness, amongst which is one of the worlds most famous… Continue reading The Serengeti, Lake Victoria and Zanzibar: Tanzania Had It All…


Exploring Kenya and its Wildlife 

Kenya was the first stop in my 54 day adventure around Africa. This was a great way to start the trip as we saw so many animal. Kenya was unreal in terms of wildlife such as warthogs and zebra casually grazing on the side of the road. The landscape was covered in acacia trees and… Continue reading Exploring Kenya and its Wildlife¬†