Asia, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Through Tuk Tuk Eyes

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country off the south of India. Sri Lanka has a rich history with human settlements dating back to at least 125 000 years ago. Sri Lanka became a republic in 1972 and before that was a British colony that went by the name Ceylon. Over 70 % of the… Continue reading Sri Lanka Through Tuk Tuk Eyes

Peru, South America

The Oasis of Peru, Huacachina

Huacachina is a natural oasis in the south west of Peru. This region of Peru is dominated by desert and therefore was a drastic change to what we have experienced so far in Peru. Haucachina is situated 5 km outside the city of Ica and has now become home to 100 local people. This small… Continue reading The Oasis of Peru, Huacachina