Asia, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Through Tuk Tuk Eyes

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country off the south of India. Sri Lanka has a rich history with human settlements dating back to at least 125 000 years ago. Sri Lanka became a republic in 1972 and before that was a British colony that went by the name Ceylon. Over 70 % of the… Continue reading Sri Lanka Through Tuk Tuk Eyes

Namibia, South Africa

Ending our Overland Trip in Namibia and South Africa

Leaving Botswana was a bit stressful as Lisa had to go to hospital. She has been sick since Victoria Falls and no one seems to be able to determine what was wrong with her. So after a visit to the local clinic we hit the road and crossed over┬áthe border into Namibia. Namibia is a… Continue reading Ending our Overland Trip in Namibia and South Africa

Peru, South America

The Oasis of Peru, Huacachina

Huacachina is a natural oasis in the south west of Peru. This region of Peru is dominated by desert and therefore was a drastic change to what we have experienced so far in Peru. Haucachina is situated 5 km outside the city of Ica and has now become home to 100 local people. This small… Continue reading The Oasis of Peru, Huacachina

Argentina, South America

Bicycle Wine Tour in Mendoza

We decided to go to Mendoza because it is the best known wine region in Argentina. On our way to begin our day that we expected to full of wine we drove past the snow capped Andes. None of us expected to see such a beautiful site so casually. Especially seeing that Courts and I… Continue reading Bicycle Wine Tour in Mendoza